Sometimes all it takes is a few words to inspire us throughout the day. That’s what this page is designed for. These are just a few short thoughts that I’ve collected over the last couple of years that have helped me and I hope will inspire you as well. You can also find these thoughts (and more) on my Facebook page; Kelly Pickett



  • God’s grace is bigger than all my sin! I am so glad to be living under the shelter of His grace! It covers over all of my sin and shame, however big they might seem to me. I am forgiven of it all, because His grace SAYS SO!


  • CHOSEN: (definition by Merriam-Webster Dictionary) one who is the object of divine favor; an elect person; selected or marked for favor or special privilege; selected to do or receive something special; carefully selected. YES, you were chosen! Hand picked for a special purpose. Listen – He’s calling you to it today!


  • Until we stop seeing the world through our own one-colored glasses, and start viewing the world through the eyes of the people around us, we will never be able to love the unlovable or reach the lost.


  • Stick out! Be noticed! Be your own bright shining star! Instead of letting the world tell you who you are…you show the world What you are made of! #holyspirit


  • That woman who is always talking about her relationship with Jesus. That woman who boldly tells others about the relationship they can have with Jesus. That woman who speaks plainly and truthfully the Words that God places on her heart. Yeah, that woman…I want to be that woman.


  • Don’t over-complicate an already complicated life. It’s not up to us to save anyone. Our job is simple…share the good news. Jesus will do the saving.


  • A crown will never be placed upon your head until you stick your neck out for it. I don’t know about you, but I’m sticking mine out for the Crown of Life!


  • The enemy tries to shut you down every day, because he is scared of the potential in you. He is scared of what you are capable of doing. Don’t let him shut you down!


  • Instead of trying to keep our daughters shut safely away from the world and the people in it, we need to instill in our daughters a sense of confidence and self worth that does not come from the world around them or the people they come in contact with, but rather comes from knowing who they are in Christ. Then, they can go out into this messed up world and really make a difference for Christ!


  • A praying wife is a powerful wife. A praying wife understands that the power doesn’t rest in her own hands, but rather in the hands of One much greater than herself. A praying wife doesn’t try to take control of things that are way beyond her control, but willingly hands them over to the One who is in control of everything. Whether in the heat of battle or the silence of the aftermath, never ever give up praying for your husband. The words you say to him may never change a thing, but the prayers you lift up to God have the power to change everything.


  • If you have a mother who prays for you daily, your chances of true success in this world are greatly increased. Ladies, you have no idea the power that lies within your folded hands.


  • Dorothy Day- “I really only love God as much as I love the person I love the least.” Wrap your mind around that one today!


  • Lord, fill me up until all I know is You, all I hear is Your voice, everywhere I look all I see is You…Your love, Your goodness, Your grace. And help me to share that love, goodness, and grace with others.


  • There is something in you that other people see that brings them that much closer to knowing Jesus. So stop wishing you were someone else! Love the you that God made you to be!


  • The devil only has as much power in your life as you allow him to have. He can’t take away what you refuse to hand over. He can’t tell you the lies if you refuse to listen. Don’t give that power over to him. Keep your eyes on Jesus and let God take care of the enemy.


  • Don’t let the enemy tell you who you are NOT. When we start to listen to those little whispers telling us what we’re not, that’s when we start to forget who we ARE.


  • All I have left, all I know to do, is to throw my hands up to You and say, “Jesus, Your will, Your way. All of my hope is in Your will and Your way.”


  • I don’t believe in coincidence, luck, chance, or karma. Those things are for people who have no hope. I have hope, in a God whose divine plan placed me here for just such a time as this.


  • In all of my imperfection, in all of my sin, in all of my humanness, He still wants me. This just blows me away! Where we see not much worth fighting for, He is fighting for all He’s worth for us. That is the God we serve!


  • I am an imperfect person in an imperfect world that offers only imperfect idols. That’s why I need a Savior.


  • I am so very, very glad that when it is my turn to be presented at the gates of Heaven that it will be Jesus meeting me there and not any man of this world. He judges me, not with His EYES and what others think they see, but with His SPIRIT and what He KNOWS about my heart.


  • Whatever else may be falling apart all around you, Jesus is the One who keeps you altogether.

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