I am a proud mother to four beautiful daughters; ages 26, 21, 18, and 10. I’m not joking, they really are beautiful! (I promise, I am not biased!) However, as beautiful as they all may be, I want them (and me…and you) to understand where real beauty is found. Not in the clothes we choose to wear or the make up we put on to hide our “flaws”, certainly not in our body type (angels come in all shapes and sizes). Real beauty comes from knowing who we are in Christ. And we are learning more and more about who we are in Him every day. Which means…we are growing more and more beautiful every day! Every life story, every scar, brings us that much closer to finding more of our beauty in Him. I started this blog to help myself, my daughters, and other women who may read this to find that beauty that is hidden deep inside. A beauty that is sometimes disguised as imperfections and scars.


So what about that name, Heavens Seashells? Where does that come from and what does it even mean? Well, if you want the complete, wonderful story, you can find it here. All I am going to say for now is this: I have never seen an ugly seashell. They are all unique and beautiful, even the ones that are broken. Just read the blog already! You know you want to!