Get A Life

There are so many things I can think of that I want for my daughters.

And as I was making the egg salad for lunch yesterday, I was thinking of them all. (My mind has a tendency to wander during meaningless tasks, except during my daily mile walks. Then I am totally focused on the road in front of me and nothing else. Not the houses I pass, not the cars that pass me, not the dogs barking as I pass…Did I mention that my mind tends to wander??) Anyway….

I want the obvious things for my daughters, the ones that every parent wants for their children. I want them to be happy. No, not only be happy, but to find joy in this life. Joy in their jobs, joy in their homes, joy in their chosen significant others, joy in just living out their purpose for this life. I want them to find a peace that transcends any difficult circumstances that this life will throw at them. A peace that permeates through every aspect of their lives and keeps them standing (or kneeling in prayer) where others have been known to fall. I want them to know Jesus, and that the joy and peace they find comes through Him. To know that He is always there with them, that He loves them and always will, and to love and follow Him in return, all the days of their lives.

And, as I was peeling the eggs for the egg salad and chopping them up and mixing in the mayo and mustard, I imagined my older daughter in her own kitchen, chopping her own eggs, getting lunch ready for her own family. (Not too much of a stretch since she recently moved into her own place and is in the process of planning her wedding for next summer.) That is what I want for my daughters. To peel eggs in her own kitchen, to fold laundry in her own living room, to sit in her own backyard just for the simple pleasure of enjoying the sun, to decorate her own home in her own style, to tuck her own daughter into her own bed before curling up next to her own husband in their own bed in their own bedroom. To grow up and have a life that she can call her own. To know that, wherever she stands, wherever she looks, whatever she sees, this is her’s. Her home, her family, her life. A life she’s proud to call her own.

Later in the evening my daughter sent me this picture of a meal that she had cooked herself, and then set up on the coffee table in front of her new couch, all ready for her fiancé to sit down and enjoy. (Cozy!) I don’t think she realized what that meant to me at that moment. The dream that I have for my daughters is becoming her reality. She is making her life her own.

I pray for my daughters to build a life that is centered around Jesus, family, and love. A life they can find joy and peace in. A life they are proud to call their own.

Dedicate your children to God and point them in the way that they should go, and the values they’ve learned from you will be with them for life. – Proverbs 22:6

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