Worth More Than Riches

We all have sweatshirts like this one…well, not exactly like this one. We can’t all be Picketts! But most of us have at least one sweatshirt with our name written boldly on the back. And as I was wearing mine on a walk around my neighborhood this afternoon, I got to wondering what the people driving by in their cars thought of when they saw this name walking down the street. What about the people in their homes? When they look out their window to see this name walking by their house, what thoughts run through their heads? “It’s that crazy Pickett lady stalking the neighborhood.” “Did she run out of gas AGAIN?” “Does her husband know where she is?” “Wow, she’s really dedicated to this health thing!”

So many things they could be thinking. And I will never know for sure what other people are thinking. But I do know that the way I live my life, the way I treat and interact with other people, has a direct affect on how other people see my name. If I am impatient and easily frustrated, Pickett will become a name of intolerance. If I am full of anger that I am constantly taking out on others, Pickett becomes a name full of hate. But, if I live a life of love and grace and service, then Pickett becomes a righteous name. A name in the family of Jesus. A name aimed towards Heaven.

And, since my children carry the same name, it becomes their name as well. My behavior, my life, does have a direct impact on my child’s name and the first impression that others have of them. If I want my children to have a good head start on life, it all starts with me and my name.

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. -Proverbs 22:1

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