Prayer is a beautiful, powerful thing. Not because of the person praying. Not because of the person being prayed for. But because of the One Who is fervently listening for every one of our whispered prayers. He is the driving force behind every single prayer. We pray for the people we love, and for the people we don’t like quite so much. Not because we love them, or even like them, but because they need Him. We pray for the people who believe and the ones who don’t believe. Our prayers aren’t a reflection of their belief, but a heartfelt response to our faith in God. We pray because He is our Hope.

You say that it’s disgraceful to pray for that person because they don’t deserve it? You say that person isn’t worthy of prayer because they don’t really believe? Honey, wake up call! None of us deserves one damn good thing in this world. We were all born in sin and the ONLY thing that saved us was the GRACE of God. Not one of us is worthy of calling Him Father, yet He calls each and every one of us His children. We are Sons and Daughters of the King.

Bottom line, prayer has nothing to do with you or me, and has EVERYTHING to do with Him. So, instead of limiting your prayers by what YOU can do, embolden your prayers because of what HE can do.


  1. This is a good entry to read after watching Andy Stanley’s talk about the Good Samaritan. Us as Christ-Followers going the extra mile when we sense a need.
    It could be to provide something (an ear via a phone call) or a prayer in solitude. 🙂

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