A Graduation Letter

Sitting here today thinking about my daughter’s high school graduation ceremony later this afternoon. It hardly seems possible that this day is here already. I remember the little baby with the pudgy cheeks that we brought home from the hospital so many years ago. Pudgy cheeks? Hardly anymore! She is growing into a young woman to be proud of. As she heads off into this next stage of life, we wanted to leave her with some words of advice to live by, words to see her off into the next chapter that is her life. So we wrote those words down in this letter….


God has got you, my dear! He really does!

“Our Lovely Daughter, Anna Rachelle:

It really does seem like just yesterday we watched you teetering across the living room, a toddler taking those first uncertain steps. Now, we watch as you take those first shaky, unknown steps into life. Don’t let life intimidate you. But, instead take these few words of advice and embrace this next adventure in front of you!

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing. Practice it often! With family, with friends, with co-workers, with complete strangers, even with yourself. Keep your heart open because a heart that is closed becomes black and withers away into darkness and death. An open heart fills your life with light and love.

Hardheartedness never goes unpunished and a kindness never goes unrewarded. Kindness always trumps callousness. Be kind as often as you can. Not because someone deserves it, but because you CAN! Kindness isn’t about giving someone what they’ve earned, it’s showing others the love of Christ that is in you! They may never see His love if you don’t show it to them!

Being young does not disqualify you, but rather it exemplifies you. That next generation, the one that is following close behind you, they are watching you. Never forget that there is always someone watching, looking up to you as an example of how to live. So you set that bar and you set it high!

Don’t coast on the currents of someone else’s success. Instead, find your own wings to soar on your own currents. God gave you all that you need to succeed, SO USE IT! Be the you that God made you to be, and be PROUD of it!

All we’re saying is…never forget who you are. And never be afraid to be the woman that God created you to be. Because that is ONE INCREDIBLE WOMAN!♥♥♥

Love, your parents forever and for always

Mom and Dad”

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