Power Off

That moment every parent dreads. Your child has gone missing. They are not where you thought they were. What do you do? You search everywhere for them, of course. You look in all their favorite spots. You text them, call them, message their friends, trying to find them. All the while, images are flying through your head, and they’re not the good kind of images either.

We had that moment today. My daughter didn’t show up for church. She wasn’t exactly lost. She knew exactly where she was! We just didn’t know where she was. After a couple of text messages went unanswered and several phone calls that went straight to voicemail, I started to get worried. I messaged friends, who hadn’t seen her since Friday. The one friend I was pretty sure she would be with wasn’t answering. Now, that is not a good sign. The images started to pop up in my head.

We left church early to drive around and see if we could find her. At this point, I didn’t care where she was, as long as she was alive. Please, Jesus, just let her be ALIVE! Let her wake up, look at her phone, and realize she has all these missed messages that she needs to answer. Well, she was alive (Thank You, Jesus!) and she did find my messages. She responded to them with sincere apologies and we were able to get everything straightened out.

So, after this whole ordeal was over, it got me thinking. How many messages has Jesus tried to send, how many phone calls that went straight to voicemail, and we have missed because “our phone was turned off?” He is earnestly reaching out to us every day, but we are powered off and aren’t able to read that message or receive that phone call. He is waiting for that day when we realize that we are still alive, and wake up to read all of His messages. He is waiting for the day when we finally wake up and respond to Him.

Today is that day. We are still ALIVE! Wake up, turn the power back on, and see all the messages He’s been trying to send to you.

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