It’s Mother’s Day. A time to honor those women who have sacrificed so much of themselves to build us into the men and women of tomorrow. They have earned it, and oh so much more. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you special ladies. These are just a couple of the special ladies in my life.

First, let me tell you about my birth mother. 19 years old, just graduated high school, ready to go to college, working towards a teaching degree. And then she finds herself pregnant…and unmarried. Not an easy situation for one so young to find herself in. At this point, my birth mother had a choice to make. She could forget about college, keep the baby(ies) (she didn’t realize at this point that she was having twins) and make a go of it on her own. Option two, she could abort the pregnancy and pretend the whole thing never happened. Or she could go through with the pregnancy and give the baby up for adoption, never to see her again. No matter what she decided to do, it was not going to be easy. She was going to encounter obstacles and heartache whichever direction she took. But, she knew she also had at least one baby that she had to take into consideration as well. What would be best for that baby? To grow up in a single parent home, more than likely always struggling to make ends meet? To grow up never knowing her real mother? Or to never be born at all?

See what I mean? Obstacles and heartache no matter which way you look.

Well, let me tell ya…this mother, she found her brave and made one of the most difficult decisions of her young life. SHE CHOSE LIFE. She chose life for herself. She chose life for her babies. She chose to give the gift of new life to a mother who would never see a new life of her own. Because of her brave, I am here. Because of her brave, my daughters are here. Because of her brave, my daughter’s daughters have a chance to be here. I have never met her, but the love and sacrifice of this mother has forever left it’s mark on her daughters’ lives.

Next, we have my adoptive mom, whom I simply refer to as….Mom. From the moment me and my sister were brought home from the hospital, she was just Mom. She didn’t need a pregnancy test or an ultrasound to make her a mother. God saw her heart, and He just made her one!

Mom and Dad had tried for years to have kids, but were never able to conceive. After many doctor’s visits they finally made the decision to adopt. After all, if you can’t have kids of your own to love on, there are still plenty of kids out there that need some loving. And loving they did! Dad was a full time supervisor in a factory, working odd shifts. Mom quit her job to stay at home with three young girls (they adopted the oldest of us four years earlier), and somehow managed to keep her sanity. Imagine having, on top of an active four year old daughter, a set of newborn baby twins, if you can. Double the sleepless nights, double the feedings, double the teething, double the bathtub theatrics, double the teenage years (yikes!). Anyone else feeling the stress yet? But through it all, she loved us and raised us as her own. Because, in her eyes (and ours) we all were. We couldn’t have belonged to her any more even if we had come from her own womb. She believed, and raised us to believe, that it’s not blood that makes a family. Love is what makes a family. God brought us together and His love is what kept us together.

Mom never tried to hide the fact that we were adopted. From as far back as I can remember, I always knew that we had been adopted. It actually became one of my favorite stories. I remember coming home from kindergarten and begging Mom to tell the story of how we were adopted, one more time. The story of how special we were because we were CHOSEN! They CHOSE to make us their daughters. They saw something special in us and just had to have us! Special….Wanted….Chosen. What every girl, everywhere, dreams of.

Feeling so blessed to have had these two totally different mothers in my life. One gave me the gift of life. One gave me the gift of love and acceptance. No, mothers are not molded all from one pot of clay. They are each made from their own unique mold of clay, each designed for a special purpose God has placed on them.

Don’t ever forget, Mothers….

YOU ARE SPECIAL! YOU ARE WANTED! YOU WERE CHOSEN…from the beginning of time by the God of the Universe. He saw something in you that no one else could see. And He just HAD to have you.


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