Blowing of the Kisses

Mom???” a small voice called to me as I was heading down the stairs. Just as the words, Now what?, were forming in my head…I remembered. (How did I ever forget?) I quickly turned the grimace on my face into a smile as I turned back around and climbed back up the two steps I had taken to stand at the top of the stairs. From there I leaned over the banister, put my right hand to my lips and proceeded to blow kisses to my youngest daughter as she laid in bed, at the same time I brought the kisses she were blowing to my cheek with my left hand.

I really don’t know how I forgot this. My daughter is 10 years old now (almost 11!) and we’ve been doing this same bedtime routine since she was like 4 years old! But, somehow, every now and then, very rarely, my mind gets distracted by something else. I start to think about what my day will look like tomorrow or the laundry I still have to put in the dryer, and I start down those stairs without the ritual “blowing of the kisses.” My daughter, on the other hand, never forgets. I can always count on her to call me back when I start down the stairs, my mind in a different world as I forget all about the kisses. This routine is an important part of her life. It makes her feel loved, cherished, and safe. One night without this and her poor little world is practically falling apart.

Just like those rare Sunday mornings when my husband has to be at the church early and forgets to come back into the bedroom to kiss me good-bye before he leaves. I lay there in bed wondering if he’s left yet. And when it gets to the time when I know he’s left, I start to wonder what happened. Did I do something to make him mad last night? Was he frustrated that I didn’t get up to make him a cup of coffee this morning? My mind goes ballistic! But no, the simple truth is, he just forgot. His mind got distracted and he just walked out the door without even thinking twice about it. We’ve all been there and done that. But that was a part of my routine, a kiss from my husband before we start our day. Without it I was left feeling kind of lost.

We find so much comfort in our routines. And when those routines are broken we start to get jittery, feelings of discontent and restlessness start to overwhelm us. Something is missing from our day.

Consider, if you will, those mornings that slip by without opening your Bible first thing. I have done it on a few occasions. During the week, my husband and I get up an hour earlier than my daughter to do our daily Bible reading. (Seriously, the dogs are enough of a distraction, we don’t need any more!) However, there have been a couple of times, when something special was planned for the day, that we didn’t have time…OK, didn’t make time…to get up earlier and do our daily reading. Time for a quick silent prayer, mumble Ephesians 6:14-18 as I’m getting dressed in the full armor of God, and out the door to start the busy day.

And as the day progresses, I begin to notice something just isn’t right. Everything feels off kilter, not balanced quite right. Oh yeah, I didn’t start my day off in His Word! And, just like my daughter quietly calling me from her bed, I can hear Him gently calling my name, reminding me of our “blowing of the kisses” routine. A gentle reminder of this routine that has become such a crucial part of my day. My day can start in chaos, and it will progress into chaos. Or I can start my day off in the quiet of His Truth, and my day will progress in His quiet Truth. I find comfort in His Word, therefore I can find peace throughout my day.

If you are searching for peace and comfort, if you are looking for truth, you will find no better routine than opening your Bible and reading every Word.

The opening up of Your Word gives light. It gives understanding to the child-like.” -Psalm 119:130


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