emiMy daughter, Emilia, five years ago, patiently waiting for a butterfly to land in her open hands. I remember this day so clearly. The butterflies were out in swarms that year (well, maybe not swarms, but there were several flying around in our backyard)! I can’t tell you how long she was out there with her sister, both quietly sitting in the backyard, both waiting for just one butterfly to land somewhere on them. (Where they learned this patience from I will never know!) They weren’t concerned with time, they would stay out there for as long as it took! The slowly darkening sky was no threat, if they waited long enough the fireflies would light their way! It was all about landing that butterfly.


Emilia this past Easter weekend, sitting patiently in the backyard, once again waitingbutterfly for just one butterfly to land somewhere on her. She ignored the dogs as they were running back and forth across the yard in front of her. She didn’t pay any attention to the thin board underneath biting into her bare feet. She didn’t even mind me walking in circles around her to take pictures! On a normal day that would drive her insane! Her focus was totally and completely on the butterfly flying in circles all around her. It was all about that butterfly. Before long, I found myself sitting down nearby just to watch my daughter. I was intrigued, in awe, proud….and humbled.


“I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope. I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning.” -Psalm 130:5-6

How often do we wait so patiently for the Lord to work something out in our life? Most of the time our focus is all on the pain. All we see are the dark clouds, all we feel is the “thorn” in our flesh, all we know are the walls closing in all around us. Anxiously our prayers are sent up to Heaven, begging for release from the prison we find ourselves in. Without once stopping to consider that there may be a reason that we are where we are at the moment. Without once pausing to reflect on the “butterflies” flying all around us, waiting for just the right moment to land.

And land they will. In God’s time. In God’s way. Right where God wants them to land.

When we learn to wait patiently for the Lord, that’s when beautiful things come to us.







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