Heavenly Angels

I have a confession to make. I am the biggest scaredy cat you will ever see. I don’t do scary movies, they still give me nightmares even as an adult. I don’t like the dark. There should be light WHEREVER we go. And yes, I am even afraid of spiders and snakes and bats and all of those gross creepy crawly things that roam the earth. Ew! So when one of our daughters comes into our bedroom late at night with that look in her eyes that I know all too well, I take it seriously. I understand the fear they feel and I want to do whatever I can to make that fear disappear.

I have been known to sing my daughters back to sleep. My favorite one to sing when they were very young was “You Are My Sunshine.” However, my voice never has and never will be winning any Grammy Awards. So I don’t do this very often anymore. My talents lie more in the area of talking things out than in singing the demons away.

One evening as I was putting my youngest daughter, Emilia, to bed she mentioned to me that she was scared. She didn’t really know why, she just was. Of course. I thought maybe after we were done with her devotions and prayers for the night she might feel better. But no, she still had that look on her face. Inspired by a book I was reading at the time, “Saving Gideon,” I started talking to her about angels. I asked her if she knew that God sent guardian angels down to earth and their job was to protect us from the time we are conceived until the time we go to Heaven. Well, she had no idea! How did I ever miss telling her that?! Guardian angels are a must have conversation with our kids, and at a very young age. Come on, Kelly, you know that!

So we took a few minutes that evening to talk about what each of the guardian angels look like for our family. Emilia’s angel is petite with long brown hair, blue eyes, a white flowing dress with wings, is always barefoot (my child? Must be her dad’s), and her name is Katelyn. Her sister, Anna, has an angel that is tall with long dark hair, dark eyes, and a white flowing dress with wings. My angel has long dark hair, dark eyes, a white flowing dress with wings (seeing a pattern here), and is never barefoot. My husband’s angel…well, he’s a little different. He is BIG, with dark hair and eyes, and dark wings. He is a gentle giant. Talking about the angels seemed to calm her down and sleep came peacefully that night. The next morning at church Emilia asked if she could have the bulletin and a pen.


Hence, this picture. With a scratched out angel that she messed up on. Hey, she’s only 10 years old! Cut her some slack!

Knowing that there were angels all around her gave my daughter a sense of peace. The more she thought about and focused on that fact the less she worried about…anything! Shouldn’t that make us worry less as well? Now, I know there are many things in this world that we think we have to fear. Spiders, heights, clowns, public speaking (me!), cancer, death. The list could go on and on. But think about this…

Every day, every moment, we are surrounded on all sides by the angels of God’s heavenly armies. So, what do we really have to be afraid of? Not even death can harm those that He calls His own.

He will command His heavenly messengers to guard you, to keep you safe in every way. They will hold you up in their hands so that you will not crash, or fall, or even graze your foot on a stone. -Psalm 91:11-12

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